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Longtail Aviation Operations Expands to Include Cargo Aircraft Management to its VIP Charter Capability with the Addition of their first Boeing 747-400F Freighter.

St. George’s, Bermuda (June 30, 2020) – Longtail Aviation, Bermuda’s exclusive air carrier and aircraft management company, is proud to announce the addition of a Boeing 747-400F Cargo Plane to its Air Operating Certificate expanding its worldwide charter operations to include the management of large capacity freight aircraft. The Company now offers cargo lift service in addition to private flights worldwide. The cargo plane will provide much needed long-range heavy-lift capacity to move medical supplies from China to countries in North America, South America and Europe.

“We are very pleased that Operations Specifications for this extraordinarily capable aircraft have now been issued to Longtail Aviation by the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA), opening the way for us to provide global cargo operations,” CEO Martin Amick said.

“The licensing and regulatory process that can take months or even a year or more in other jurisdictions was completed within weeks by the BCAA. Bermuda’s worldwide network of designated airworthiness inspectors means that aircraft conformity inspections can take place anywhere in the world, providing speed to market and reducing delays,” he said.

Andre Drevs, Vice President – Engineering of Aquiline International Corporation Ltd., representing the aircraft owner, said professional management by Longtail Aviation and outstanding support by BCAA enabled them to complete the registration and licensing processes within four weeks. “They were so well organized, we were able to get the Export Certificate and Operations Specification process completed within two-and-a-half days. Bermuda is a model for how other jurisdictions should operate, particularly now when speed and flexibility are important to enable the airline industry to move back into operating mode,” he said.

Thomas Dunstan, BCAA Director General, said the addition of this aircraft and the associated cargo operation is a major milestone for Longtail and BCAA. “We are honored to work in partnership with such an amazing team at Longtail and look forward to their continued success long into the future. We are so pleased to see the development and expansion of their services that represent Bermuda so professionally on a global scale.”

Longtail Aviation’s expansion in service follows last year’s major investment by Longtail Aviation Chairman, Fabian Bello. Focused on expansion opportunities for Longtail Mr. Bello said, “While we could not have envisioned precisely how this actually has happened a year ago, I have always been confident in Longtail’s capability as well as unique opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic caused an abrupt global shortage of air freight capacity that we believe will persist for years to come, and this simultaneously increased both the challenge and the urgency to provide worldwide transportation solutions. The global supply chain is under duress as traditional airlines that carry freight and passengers are operating at greatly reduced schedules, if at all, and existing air cargo providers are operating at capacity. For anyone who is looking for the ability to partner with and operate aircraft, Longtail is the most efficient and effective turnkey solution.

“Bermuda’s Aircraft Registry has an excellent reputation internationally, and together we have a great team capable of quickly enabling new business. Aircraft owners who want to get into the cargo business should look at Bermuda. There is no better place than Bermuda to register an aircraft and operate it commercially, and Longtail Aviation is the perfect back office on the ground.” Mr. Bello said.

About Longtail Aviation

Headquartered in Bermuda, Longtail Aviation is Bermuda’s exclusive air carrier providing best-in-class private jet charter service, cargo support and aircraft management to a wide variety of business and leisure clients. We deliver a premium service to virtually any destination worldwide with seamless end-to-end transportation.