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CHAMP sets up, trains and implements Freighter Weight & Balance system for Longtail Aviation’s Cargo Operation within 3 weeks.

London, 8 June 2020 – Longtail Aviation, Bermuda’s only Air Carrier, has added its first B747-400F Freighter to its VIP charter capability. Operations Specifications for the Boeing 747 were issued to Longtail CEO Martin Amick last Friday by the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority. “The timing is right,” Amick commented. “The global supply chain is under duress, and additional long-range, heavy lift is critically needed to move medical supplies from China to the West. This new aircraft will help meet that need.”

Bringing 16 years of industry experience, Longtail Aviation brought its first all-cargo aircraft into service and required a bespoke software solution to support their ambitious timeline. CHAMP’s Weight & Balance team was there to answer that need with its industry-leading, rapidly implemented solution, which was accomplished in less than 3 weeks from first contact to go-live.

CHAMP Weight & Balance is a powerful tool for advanced load planning. It is designed to make freighter aircraft loading safer, faster and more efficient. It not only helps to reduce costs and make maximum use of available space, but its state-of-the-art algorithm also achieves fuel-saving targets and a reduced carbon footprint. The enhanced Autoload functionality also provides a user-friendly, convenient software which complies with all safety and auditing regulations. Its unique stand-alone version allows safe load planning even during ad hoc charter flights to remote locations with no internet connection.

“In these unusual times it is even more important for the air cargo industry to support the global supply chain and CHAMP’s experience and ability to rapidly set up, train and implement a customer is vital” says Lee Booth, Vice President Global Products at CHAMP Cargosystems. “We are delighted that CHAMP could support Longtail Aviation in achieving its goal to set up operations in such a short timeframe.”

Martin Amick further commented “This addition to our fleet has been under consideration for several months. In mid-March, the aircraft owner approached us with a sense of urgency, asking that we get the aircraft into commercial service on a greatly accelerated timeline. We accepted this challenge. It meant, however, that we had to find innovative solutions which we could implement very quickly. One of the challenges was to find a means of calculating weight and balance for cargo operations involving a variety of loading devices.”

Dan McIntyre, Longtail’s Chief Technical Pilot had used the CHAMP system at a previous airline and recommended it. He points out: “CHAMP’s Weight & Balance solution works very well for producing reliable load sheets, it is very easy to use and has a good user interface both for loadmasters and pilots. Although CHAMP’s team performed training for the very first time in an online classroom, it was hands-on and user-lead which allowed us in only three afternoons to take ownership of our data in the system and produce loading instructions and load sheets ourselves.” McIntyre summed it all up in a very British fashion: “CHAMP is a nice bit of kit!”

Martin Amick adds: “We are very pleased with the result. CHAMP provided an easy-to-use and very flexible answer – capable of handling the needs of our new nose-loader.”

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About Longtail Aviation

Longtail Aviation was founded in 2003 as an aircraft management company and charter operator. Longtail’s initial fleet consisted of a Falcon 900B and a Westwind. Longtail has operated VVIP Boeing BBJ’s since 2015. Although there are approximately 750 Bermuda-registered aircraft worldwide, Longtail Aviation holds the world’s only Bermuda AOC. Longtail conducts Commercial Air Transport operations under Part 121 of the Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements.

The Bermuda register and the Longtail AOC is rather unique: An aircraft which is being registered in Bermuda and added to its only AOC does not need to come to Bermuda for its airworthiness inspection. The process in Bermuda is businesslike, predictable and reasonable. There is no better place than Bermuda to register an aircraft and operate it commercially.

Longtail Aviation is headquartered in Bermuda.

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About CHAMP Cargosystems

CHAMP Cargosystems provides the most comprehensive range of integrated IT solutions and distribution services for the air cargo transport chain. The portfolio spans core management systems, messaging services, and eCargo solutions. These include applications to meet customs and security requirements, quality optimization as well as e-freight and mobility needs. The products and services are well known under the Cargospot, Traxon and Logitude brands.

The company serves over 200 airlines and GSAs, and links these with some 3,000 forwarders and GHAs worldwide. CHAMP’s solutions help its customers and their clients adapt to critical and continuous changes in air transport logistics to meet global trade demands.

CHAMP Cargosystems is headquartered in Luxembourg and operates offices in London, Zurich, Frankfurt, Manila, Singapore and Atlanta.

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