Worldwide Cargo Lift

Longtail provides worldwide heavy cargo lift, best-in-class private jet charter service, and aircraft management services. We deliver premium service to virtually any destination worldwide with seamless end-to-end transportation.

Aircraft For Any Mission – Anywhere: If you need heavy cargo lift service to move supplies, we have you covered across the globe.

Global Shortage of Air Freight Capacity: Looking for a long term relationship? There is an urgency to provide worldwide transportation services as the global supply chain is under duress as traditional airlines that carry freight and passenger service are operating at greatly reduced schedules and traditional air cargo providers are operating at capacity. Longtail offers partnership and management solutions.

Scheduled or Unscheduled Trip Support – Our dedicated, experienced team is committed to providing you with on-demand, personalized trip support that suites your needs for heavy cargo lift on one of our Boeing 747-400F Freighters. Whether on-demand or scheduled trips, our team handles everything for the aircraft, flight logistics, catering requests, special events, ground transportation and more. Paying attention to every detail of your trip so you can feel at ease.

Managing Your Travel Experience
24/7 Single Point of Contact &  Flight Department
Concierge services to suit your specific needs
Catering & Ground transportation arrangements
Flight Following Notifications for each flight from taxi out to taxi in

Additional Benefits
^ Book to suit your own schedule needs, on demand
Inflight Experience offered on our charter flights
^ Lift offered to almost any destination across the globe

Cargo Support:

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Whether you need heavy cargo lift to move supplies or VVIP passenger lift, we have charter specialists standing by 24/7
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