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Interested in aircraft management to help offset your aircraft operating expenses by maximizing your revenues? With a Bermuda-registered aircraft on the Longtail Aviation Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC), you have all the advantages of the Bermuda registry coupled with access to worldwide charter revenue, operational anonymity, the highest standards of safety, access to a network of the largest brokers around the globe and international credibility.

Longtail has over 16 years of experience in the worldwide aviation arena, having operated aircraft ranging in size from turboprops and light jets to Boeing Business Jets. Longtail was the first non-US carrier to achieve the ARG/US Gold rating, and was the first certified Bermuda CAMO, holding certificate number BDA/CAMO/001. Our operations and management organization works for you — the owner delivering you peace of mind.

Longtail Aviation is the ideal candidate for assisting with the registration of a newly acquired aircraft regardless of where the aircraft will ultimately be operated – with a fleet of managed aircraft that routinely operate to and from well over 85 countries. At Longtail Aviation we do not offer a boxed management program. We are small, flexible and personal. Our customers are unique, which is why each of our aircraft management proposals is distinctively crafted to meet our clients’ specific needs.

Managing All Aspects of your Aircraft:
Quick, Easy Registration Process
^ Personalized Aircraft Management Services
A Dedicated Aircraft Manager
Worldwide Charter Ability
Access to Tax Free Fuel
24/7 International Maintenance & Support
A State-of-the-Art 70,000-Square-Foot Hangar Facility Located at L.F. Wade International Airport
Custom Insurance & Liability Protection Solution

Efficient, Transparent Accounting
Offset owner expenses by maximizing revenues
Strong charter sales and marketing support
24/7 Aircraft Scheduler
Safety Oversight
Flight Crew Selection
Flight and Maintenance Training
Cleaning and catering
International and domestic fuel and ancillary pricing

Aircraft Management Support

For Management Inquiries Contact:
Email me

Longtail Aviation Headquarters:
6 Southside Road,
St.George’s, Bermuda DD03


Whether you need heavy cargo lift to move supplies or VVIP passenger lift, we have charter specialists standing by 24/7
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