Safety Standards & Certifications

Like all air carriers we take pride in our safety standards. Rest assured, when you fly with Longtail Aviation – your safety is our #1 priority, which is why we maintain and hold the highest safety certifications available worldwide.

Highest safety standard in the world

Longtail Aviation is an ARG/US Gold rated operator. Which mean we not only adhere to the highest government regulations, but also surpass the guidelines ARG/US, the world largest 3rd party safety and audit company, has laid out for is top tier safety audit.

Liability Protection

At Longtail Aviation we have a minimum of $150,000,000 in liability 3rd party liability protection for every aircraft we manage. Since every owner, and every charter flight, is different we arrange custom insurance solution for every aircraft we manage; as well as offer custom liability protection to brokers and retail clients for charter flights.

Maintenance & International Support

Longtail Aviation offers a global presence and a personalized service. We currently manage aircraft based in Bermuda, The United States, and Europe.

Safety is Everything

For Safety Inquiries Contact:
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Longtail Aviation Headquarters:
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St.George’s, Bermuda DD03

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