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If you are looking to purchase a new, or pre-owned, aircraft Longtail Aviation would be happy to assist. Longtail Aviation has assisted clients purchase new and pre-owned aircraft since 1999, and its sales team has over 20 years of experience in the purchase and acquisition of all aircraft from Cessna 152’s to Boeing BBJ’s.

Putting your aircraft on the market

Aircraft come and go, it’s generally when they go the aircraft owner is the most concerned. Longtail Aviation is here to ease the stress of selling your aircraft. Our sales process is 100% transparent because we value the relationship with our client. We’re not here for a quick buck, we’re here to earn your business, manage your aircraft, and help you step from one aircraft into another through the course of your aviation life.

Interested in a Bermuda registered aircraft?

Headquartered in Bermuda, Longtail Aviation is the ideal candidate for assisting you with the registration of a newly acquired aircraft. The benefits of a Bermuda Registered aircraft are numerous and one of our sales professional would be happy to speak with you to outline the benefits a Bermuda registered aircraft.

Sales & Acquisition Support:

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